The TAXA Photomicro Gallery

Woods are listed alphabetically by botanical name
(At this early stage of development data is in only A, B and C)
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Webmaster's NOTE: This gallery is still under early construction. It is at a junior state that illustrates what different woods look like under high magnification for novices and amateurs.. In contrast, It is my hope and intention to eventually make this gallery into an accurate and very large library of microphotos. A large amount of wood identification and research is done under the microscope. It is a very large undertaking that will require further funding for programming and data collection and entry. It also holds the promise of providing the greatest assistance to professionals in wood once it becomes a large if not massive library for microphotos and a reason to use TAXA often. .

WARNING: At this stage of development, large photos may not show in the right order! (thumbnails do appear properly).
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